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Sales Force Effectiveness 

DoIT Pharma accelerates pharmaceutical sales. It is done by intensifying the sales on the right targets and boosting the sales and marketing resources in better-defined areas. DoIT Pharma accomplishes this by providing solutions that revolutionize processes and applications. It is adapting the latest IT innovations in combination with specific training and consulting, both derived from a thorough understanding of the niches and untapped opportunities in today's pharmaceutical sales and marketing. DoIT Pharma strongly believes in providing its clients tangible value, i.e. sustainable results. During the last ten years, DoIT's work has influenced the success of clients into a more prosperous future - results have continued to accumulate long after the end of each assigned project. 

The Pharmaceutical Market - new Challenges 

Drastic changes in the cost structure, new pricing regulations, the EU-wide generic substitution, legislation that limits availability of key pharmaceutical sales data and intensively fierce global competition are just a few of the main change drivers, all leading to the need for more effective marketing and sales methods.  

Is there Room for Improvement?  

In order to fulfill the promise of our mission we are required to develop new global systems, which conform to the demands of our customers. In fact, customer loyalty is the key, newly re-discovered. But, unfortunately, this cannot be achieved through a single IT-solution alone. Modern advances in information and communication technology have brought completely new opportunities to collect and process market and client information, thus leading to new discoveries in targeting and focusing but only when combined with effective customer strategies and sales force development - a market pioneered by DoIT Pharma.

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