Your Partner in Business Development

Our Consulting Methods and Values

DoIT is a management consulting company with a special reputation for creativity and client-orientation. 

DoIT has a very unique way of conducting business in the sales force effectiveness and management productivity sectors, based on carefully designed processes using the full potential and experience of the executives and management of the client company. This method brings an array of unusual qualities to the work:

  1. Fast and Accurate Resolutions Followed by Action

    Through involving management in the process, there is more data, knowledge and experience available from the client's business than any outside consultant could ever gather. The project can begin immediately - not after a period of time while the consultants are getting to know the client's business, the company and its position; 

  2. Solutions Will Be Compliant with Client's Values and Culture 

    The solutions, plans and actions are complying with the local values and corporate culture. This is, obviously, the most important prerequisite for a successful implementation of e.g. a new strategy. The resolutions and actions for the same situation might be quite far apart in similar client cases, either one being the best solution for the respective company. 

  3. Immediate Implementation with Full Management Commitment 

    Third, management commitment is achieved and the Client avoids a situation so typical in the board rooms: the CEO is trying to sell the consultant's report and recommendations to everybody else - but little action will be seen. In the opposite case, everyone has brought their stones to build a wall and thus participated in the development process and action is created immediately. Then, true commitment is activated - even if the team members weren't unanimous at first. 

  4. Client Organization Learns as We Work - Long Term Benefits 

    Too often, it is only the consultant who learns from the client - we reverse this by involving the client's personnel in their own development work, even when it would be easier to only give recommendations and write reports.

    After all, the value of our work can and will be judged on the long run by the accumulated results alone. 

Value for Client's Investment - A Sharper Competitive Edge 

Valuable know-how consists of skills and capabilities to solve challenges on all levels of our client's organization: from vision into action. DoIT helps to develop vision and strategy, identify corporate culture and values, enhance management productivity and get things done. Its special expertise is recognized in information technology, sales and marketing issues - particularly in the pharmaceutical industry - and as far as leadership issues and change management are concerned.

Therefore, instead of wreck salvation, DoIT has been receiving inquiries and new accounts from a multitude of organizations around the world searching for the lasting, hard-to-find competing edge through better and more creative management and information solutions.

Corporate Image and Good Will 

DoIT consists of substance and future potential. DoIT is about satisfied clients and global business contacts, valuable know-how and consulting tools, value through both corporate image and good will, and prosperous products for tomorrow's market place.