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Value for the Doctor - The Patient-Focused Sales Strategy 

In order to overcome the new discount-priced competition, pharmaceutical companies are required to develop radically new, cost-efficient methods, which conform to the demands of both the local marketing regulations and needs of its personnel. Customer loyalty is the key, newly re-discovered. But, unfortunately, this cannot be achieved through IT-solutions alone. Modern advances in information and communication technology have brought completely new opportunities to collect and process market and client information, thus leading to new discoveries in targeting and focusing when combined with effective customer strategies and sales force development - a market pioneered by DoIT Pharma. 

Furthermore, and at the same time, the marketers must be able to add significant value for their clients, the physicians, pharmacies and patients alike, in order to create the perceived true differentiation from other marketers of pharmaceuticals. Traditionally, it was believed to be the product that added this value; now we know it is the partnership of the physician and the representative that will bring the most value to the customer.


Value for the Doctor - The Patient-Centered Sales Method

There are three key elements that will drive the long-term success:

  1. The pharmaceutical sales personnel will develop an ability to identify sales potential and close with major prospects - this can and should be done with prescription products as in any other sales profession.

  2. The reps will bring significant value to the physicians' daily work - and this is a prerequisite when changing the doctor's prescription standards in a permanent fashion. There cannot be any "closing" on a doctor without this genuine commitment. 

  3. The pharmaceutical reps need to develop both behaviors and attitudes that will support the above. Therefore, we cannot apply sales techniques alone: We need to find individual client focused ways to discover true win-win solutions

The DoIT method is true value-selling. And since there is value perceived by the customer, then there will be also listening with empathy, understanding, professional recommendation with a high level of sincerity and courage. The discussion is mostly patient-centered and, in the end, there will always be the Action Plan.

DoIT method is based on these principles. Its consultative sales approach has been highly appreciated by doctors around the world.